Activist spotlight:

Each episode will connect you with young individuals who are awesome change-makers. 

Meet Dhia Fani from Buku Kami, a non-profit located in Indonesia. Dhia is a change-maker in every sense of the word - she started this non-profit from scratch two years ago with a few friends who saw an issue in their communtiy and wanted to make a change. Buku Kami (“Our Book” in English) is an Indonesia-based non-profit that offers a creative cross-disciplinary solution to social issues. The winner of the first Seeds for the Future grant from the Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) – an initiative founded by President Barack Obama in 2013 – Buku Kami offers skill-based training for former sex workers and victims of human trafficking in Indonesia and Thailand. The survivors then play a crucial role in designing and producing high-quality notebooks and agendas using recycled paper. Watch the video above to get inspired by Dhia!