Activist spotlight archive

Meet Sarah and Kareem from the Beirut Syndrome. They work to provide on the ground, real time journalism about what is happening in Beirut. Their site offers articles ranging from Lebanese politics to the refugee crisis. Learn more in the video above where Bianca gets the story behind how it all started for them.

Meet Dhia Fani from Buku Kami, a non-profit located in Indonesia. Dhia is a change-maker in every sense of the word - she started this non-profit from scratch two years ago with a few friends who saw an issue in their communtiy and wanted to make a change. Buku Kami (“Our Book” in English) is an Indonesia-based non-profit that offers a creative cross-disciplinary solution to social issues. The winner of the first Seeds for the Future grant from the Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) – an initiative founded by President Barack Obama in 2013 – Buku Kami offers skill-based training for former sex workers and victims of human trafficking in Indonesia and Thailand. The survivors then play a crucial role in designing and producing high-quality notebooks and agendas using recycled paper. Watch the video above to get inspired by Dhia!