Ted Polumbaum, "Freedom Summer"

Ted Polumbaum, "Freedom Summer"

Made for youth, by youth.

Our world today is connected at an unprecedented level. Yet, it feels as though we continue to be divided. Our media are just one of the many factors that has contributed to this divisiveness. But Our Turn is changing that. Our communication technology is not just an opportunity, but an obligation to use it for the greater good. By creating an inclusive space for young individuals that can be accessed from and enhanced by something as easy as your phone, our goal is to empower our next generation of leaders to work together and solve our most pressing issues. The focus of this initiative is not just to post content, it's about starting the conversation. After that, we hope that our Media Activism Toolkit can be used as the next steps for agents of change. Each episode will focus on a topic, offer insight from varying perspectives, and lastly seek to find the right questions to ask and solutions to propose. The Activist Spotlight segment will feature young activists from around the world and is intended to break up the depressing overflow that floods our news. There are incredible young individuals out there who are making monumental strides for a better tomorrow. With a collective of youth activists from around the world, whom all aim for peace, acceptance, empowerment and compassion, Our Turn will offer a global, youth perspective like never before. 


Yes, "Our Turn" is about providing younger generations the opportunity, the space, the turn to make an impact, as they have proven time and time again. The word turn was also chosen to represent our determined efforts in hopefully leading our global community in the right directions. Yeah, we're also hoping to turn the page, (see what we did there?) on many of these issues, breaking the cycle that we know all too well.  But above all, influence for the name really comes from The Byrd's classic song, "Turn! Turn! Turn!" as our founder is a 1960's revolutionist at heart.  "A time to every purpose," this is our turn, turn, turn...